Unify OpenScape 4000 maintenance

With years of experience, Talkwire are the ideal partner to provide your business with OpenScape 4000 Maintenance. Our National coverage means we can service your system in any site location within England, Scotland or Wales, whether it is a single office or multiple office locations.

Our field of engineers have a combined service record with Siemens of over 60 years, and further 20 years' service with Talkwire. Continuous investment in our engineering team means that we have not only the crucial experience but the Unify accreditations to service and maintain the OpenScape 4000.

The OpenScape 4000 has evolved over time from the HiPath 4000 platform, with new features and upgrades being regularly released. Whilst version 6 and earlier versions are no longer supported by the vendor, Talkwire can still provide the expertise to maintain, service and upgrade these older platforms alongside version 7 and 8.

OpenScape 4000 Software Assurance

For systems at v7 and v8, Talkwire can provide Unify's Software Assurance. This service means that your business has access to the latest updates and improvements on the Unify road map, and with Talkwire as your partner, you will benefit from our engineers' expertise to maximise your business return on investment (ROI).

With technology and hardware changing all the time, it is essential to keep you IT infrastructure current and compatible with the latest platforms. OpenScape Software Assurance is a comprehensive programme that provides automatic software upgrades over the life of your service contract. Installing regular software upgrades guarantees long term software stability, up to date security features and improved integration with other products.

Key Benefits of using OpenScape Software Assurance:

  • Cost savings up to 30% over traditional software procurement
  • Easier budget planning with our fixed term payment plan
  • Access to the latest software with the highest system stability and latest security features

OpenScape 4000 Hardware Assurance

Talkwire have provided OpenScape 4000 maintenance to customers for many years and have dedicated stock holdings for our maintenance customers. Some components are readily available; however, others are in limited supply. With a Talkwire maintenance contract in place, your business can be assured the replacement hardware will always be available.

We offer 3 service levels within our contracts

  1. Advanced Hardware Replacement means we will send hardware to site for the next day
  2. Advanced Onsite Hardware Replacement means our expert engineers will bring the hardware to site and install it
  3. On Premise Hardware Replacement ensures replacement components are held on your site ready for rapid deployment with either remote engineer support or onsite installation

OpenScape 4000 Handsets

Depending on your requirements, Talkwire can provide maintenance on your handsets and headsets, whether you need equipment repaired or replaced. The most common faults are typically user damage to line cords or curly which we can ship to your site next day delivery.

OpenScape 4000 Accessories

Alongside the core platform and handsets, Talkwire maintain the full range of OpenScape 4000 accessories and complimentary Unify products. These include:

  • Xpressions Voicemail (windows server based voicemail)
  • OpenScape Contact Centre (for OpenScape 4000 v6, v7 and v8)
  • Siemens HiPath Pro Centre (for HiPath 4000 v1, v2, v3, v4 and v5)
  • Unify ACWIN SL (for OpenScape 4000 v8)
  • Siemens ACWIN IP (for OpenScape 4000 v7 and HiPath 4000 v1-6)
  • Siemens Cordless E DECT Base Stations

OpenScape 4000 Service Levels

Talkwire provide a range of standard Service Level Agreements (SLA), however we have the flexibility to provide your business with a bespoke contract based on your exact requirements. As an example, we can provide a remote only service to minimise costs, an 8x5 hardware only service or we have the depth to provide an onsite 24x7 managed service. The base SLA can be augmented to provide enhanced contract services such as Preventative Health Checks, Remote System Back-ups and Basic System Admin Training.

OpenScape 4000 Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

Our experienced and qualified OpenScape 4000 engineers provide a full range of Move, Add and Change services to our maintenance customers. These can be scheduled for either within hours or out of hours depending on the nature of the change request, your business working hours and your specific requirements. MAC's can form part of an enhanced OpenScape 4000 Maintenance contract or can be purchased on demand.

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