System Design

System Design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network synthesis, and network realisation. It is aimed to ensure your new network meets your needs in both present and the foreseeable future. To this end, the process can be tailored according to your network requirements and restrictions.

System and Network Design involves evaluating, understanding and scoping the network to be implemented. The whole network design is usually represented as a network diagram that serves as the blueprint for implementing the network physically. Talkwire offer a System Design service and is generally performed by our Network Designers or Engineer specialists. Our System Design solution offers cabling and local area network survey, design and integration solutions using Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A, wireless and complex fibre installations for the core of your network.

System Design elements include the following:

  • Logical map of the network to be designed
  • Cabling structure
  • Quantity, type and location of network devices (router, switches, servers)
  • IP addressing structure
  • Network security processes

During the System Design process, our team will work with you to evaluate, understand, and produce a scope of the network to be implemented. Our specialists ensure your network can adjust and scale to the demands for new services. Some of these elements include the following:

  • Detailed floor plans (to also aid third party installers)
  • Physical, Logical and Conceptual Drawings
  • System Flow Diagrams
  • Linear Drawings
  • Survey Measurements
  • 2D and 3D Room Vendors