Uninterruptible Power Supply

Loss or fluctuations in the electrical supply is a potential risk that businesses face daily. If you leave your electrical components unprotected, your business is at risk of system failure, jeopardising workers health and safety and potential loss of supply which could dramatically affect the everyday running of business, making it impossible to carry out normal activities until the power is restored. Losing power could not only reduce profits but any down time can risk damaging your business reputation with external stakeholders if minimum service standards cannot be maintained.

With an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in place, your key business assets can be protected to give you reassurance that work will continue to operate in the event of technical problems. Some of these systems include spikes, voltage dips and power failures by providing a dedicated battery backup. A UPS system can also be used to ‘bridge the gap’ while a standby generator is started and synchronised.

Talkwire works in partnership with Riello UPS who offer a wide of products that can be trusted to provide a quality and reliable solution that supports individual assets, small capacity units such as phone systems and entire server rooms.

It is highly recommended to activate the UPS under a controlled environment, as this will demonstrate the system works correctly but will also highlight any shortcomings in a safe way.

Talkwire electricians follow an agreed testing schedule to ensure your Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers at that crucial moment when your power fails.

We also undertake preventative checks which include:

  • Visual inspection of battery connections for corrosion
  • Checking there is clear air flow through the fan
  • Cleaning the internal connections
  • Testing internal wiring and terminations
  • System autonomy tests

The results of the testing schedule are delivered to you as part of your monthly or quarterly account management review. Environmental conditions will affect reliability of your supply so with a Talkwire Service Support contract in place, we can monitor your power supply and offer any maintenance, replacement or upgrades that are needed.

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