LED Lighting

Every business uses lighting whether it is one or two lights in one room or hundreds of lights across multiple premises and office locations.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting is the perfect solution for your business as energy prices are increasing with the high demand for lighting technology. Manufacturing of halogen and florescent tubes are estimated to cease by 2020 so LED will eventually become the only lighting option. If left until then, the prices will be much higher for LED as manufacturers know customers will pay the estimates as it will be their only option.

Using Tier one products such as OSRAM, BLE and Allied Luminaires, Talkwire can replace your incandescent lighting and source and install LED lighting for you. The decision to replace your existing lighting with LED will add efficiency to your business by saving money on annual energy bills, reduce maintenance costs and improve your overall lighting quality.

Benefits of using LED Lighting

  • Increased Energy Saving – running costs saving of 50 - 75% compared to incandescent lighting
  • Reduced Carbon Tax Emissions

Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • LED is estimated to have 50,000 run hours, whereas incandescent lighting has just 10,000
  • Incandescent Lighting has a 30% failure rate which results in increased electrical labour costs


  • LED lighting provides a crisp white light
  • There are no flickering lamps with LED unlike incandescent fluorescent tubes
  • Options for lighting colour control (warm or ice cold)

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • BLE offer a 5 year on site replacement warranty
  • OSRAM offer a 5 year unit warranty replacement

Luminous Emittance Levels (LUX)

  • Talkwire can produce specific lighting designs to meet the clients desired LUX lighting levels

Common misconceptions with LED Lighting

"I’ve just had Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors fitted to my existing incandescent lighting which will reduce my energy use."

This is true however, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in your maintenance costs as switching fluorescent tubes on and off regularly dramatically reduces the life expectancy of the lamp. With LED lighting, PIR’s are not a problem and with the two combined, you will see a large reduction in running costs.

"Our whole seller has a special offer on LED lighting - surely I can just get it from there".

Not all LED products are the same. Although initially there will be a saving in comparison to incandescent lighting, the whole sale products can often be a higher wattage than Tier 1 products and the quality of the LED chips are much lower with less life expectancy. BLE offer a 5 year on site replacement warranty which is not offered by some of the top selling and recommended whole sale providers.

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