In the years to come, one thing is for certain for your business - your networks will need to run faster and cope with a higher bandwidth of data whilst also being secure.

This is where fiber optic technology really shines. Data moves at literally the speed of light through the fibre cable. This means both faster speeds and huge data throughput. And besides this, fiber optic cabling has several other important benefits.

Security - Prevent a costly data breach. Because your data is transmitted as light, it’s almost impossible for hackers to tap into any electromagnetic ‘leakage’, like they could on a normal cable.

Resistance to interference - Protect your data from interference caused by equipment and power cabling. Fiber optic cable is unaffected by electromagnetic interference, so it can be installed in places where copper cable simply can’t.

Small and light - Install your cabling even in awkward spaces. Fiber optic cable is thin and light, making it much easier to install in the busy cabinets of a data centre.

With any structured cabling installation there are so many decisions to be made. You need to navigate the complexities of all manner of regulations and warranty stipulations. Then there is finding the right balance between cost, speed, flexibility and security. Then there are all the equipment choices to be made and maintenance plans to be drawn up...

It can get rather daunting. At Talkwire, our approach is to help our clients at every step of the process - so that they make the best, most well informed decisions that will pay off for many years to come. So if you need help planning your next project, just get in touch and we will do our best to help.