Data Cabling

If you rely on the internet or the phone network to run your business - whether to connect to clients and customers or to operate a closed network within your office or across several locations - then the quality of your network structured cabling is critical.

Unfortunately, all structured cabling companies are not created equal. Poorly designed and badly installed cabling is all too common. Not only does this affect day-to-day network speeds, but it can also cause huge issues when something goes wrong. Imagine being cut off from your data or clients while engineers scramble to troubleshoot a poorly organised network cabling installation. How much downtime can your company afford?

A well-designed and properly installed structured cabling system provides a strong and secure infrastructure that can deliver a well-tested and fully certified level of performance and stability. A thorough cabling solution is an investment that will provide continuous value for years to come - something that can’t be said for all solutions. Quality data cabling installers will always build in flexibility to accommodate office moves and equipment changes or additions. They will also maximise system security and availability, incorporating the necessary levels of redundancy and future-proofing of the network.

At Talkwire our mission is simple. We only work with the very best engineers and use the latest, state of the art equipment to design, install and maintain the most efficient and robust cable solutions for our customers. We work in a wide variety of sectors, specialising in the construction, defence, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Our projects range from simple cabling installations to more sophisticated networking infrastructure solutions across multiple locations and in complex and challenging environments. That’s why we are trusted by many organisations - including the NHS, Dairy Crest, Balfour Beatty and the Ministry of Defence.