Digital Signage

Digital signage is a form of electronic display where content is shown in public places for informational or advertising purposes. Digital signage is used around the globe as a valuable tool for communicating messages using a digital sign that usually consists of a computer or playback device connected to a large, digital screen to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, images, web pages, data or text.

With a supporting content management system in place, you can use the computer application to customise, schedule, monitor and deploy content across a network of your digital displays. Using either web, cloud or desktop download software, you will be able to keep your business moving and your key messages to your audience relevant, current and consistent.

Why using Digital Signage is useful to a business:

  • Eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printing. Content can be updated any time, and almost immediately.
  • It helps to engage customers at the point of sale.
  • An impressive tool to interact with your customers.
  • You are in control of what is displayed. You can show and change relevant information depending on when is best for you.
  • Encourages a lively and attractive business atmosphere.
  • Effectively communicates marketing messages with your customers and employees.
  • You have the power to display any content you want to – the list is endless.

Digital Signage networks can be as complex or as simple as you like and Talkwire can supply, install and support digital signage in businesses using a wide variety of platforms and content management software. From static screens and presentation sliders in patient waiting rooms and receptions to interactive control panels and menu boards, Talkwire can source the best suited solution using competitive pricing structures and the latest hardware and technology.