Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation System

Imagine a meeting where everyone is able to easily share what’s on their own device with everyone on a central presentation screen. Transform your meeting from a dull talk into an engaging interactive experience.

If you’ve ever been delayed and embarrassed by common technical hiccups during a multimedia presentation, you will understand the value of a simple plug and play system that just works. We believe that ClickShare is the best wireless audio-visual presentation system available.

As a fully accredited Barco Gold Partner, we at Talkwire are able to offer our customers special discounts and expert advice - something other resellers simply can't do.

Our clients love Barco Clickshare because it’s wireless, simple to set up and intuitive. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a technician to troubleshoot some issue while everyone sits in awkward silence. This system allows even non-technically minded users to easily set up and deliver stunning presentations.

Elegantly simple. No complex software to install, no transferring of files or messing around with your screen resolution. Just click the Clickshare button and what you see on your device will immediately pop up on the meeting room screen.

Cross-device compatibility. Whether you’re using a laptop (PC or Mac), or a tablet, or even your smartphone, it couldn’t be simpler to connect.

No wires or adaptors. Forget having to hunt for that HDMI cable or that Lightning Port adaptor - Clickshare is fully wireless.

Make it simple; Click - Connect - Share with people now! Bring ideas, content and people together.

Talkwire are fully accredited Barco Clickshare Gold Partners. This means that along with the ClickShare system, we are able to offer you plenty of expert advice, very competitive pricing and a support package for that extra peace of mind.

Barco Clickshare can be specified to fit a range of meeting room and team sizes. Here are the models we supply:

Find the right system for you

ClickShare cs-100 ClickShare  cs-100 huddle ClickShare cse-200 ClickShare cse-200+ ClickShare CSE=800
CS-100 CS-100
CSE-200 CSE-200+ CSE-800
Meetng room type Small Huddle Medium Collaboration Boardroom
Buttons included 1 No 2 2 4
4K No No No Full HD Yes
Simultaneously on screen 1 1 2 2 4
Dual display No No No No Yes
Airplay No No Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs
Extended warranty availble: No No Yes Yes Yes
PoE enabled No No Yes Yes Yes
MSRP price (ex VAT) £850.00 £650.00 £1490.00 £1949.00 £3360.00

Supporting Accessories for ClickShare

USB-A ClickShare Button
USB-C ClickShare Button
ClickShare Button Tray
ClickShare App
XMS-110 eXperience Management Server
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